With Patient Dash you can track the status of Emergency and Diagnostic Imaging Services patients with an easy to view and clean display wherever needed.

Easy to Use
Using minimal IT resources Patient Dash uses a low-cost AppleTV device to display near real-time patient status of your locations in an easy to view, depending on the procedure, although for other procedures asĀ  laser fat removial, using online services from sites as Bodenvy is a better option for this.

All information is stored at the local server and all communication is performed over secure HTTPS. With our privacy option patient data is hidden and displayed at the click of a button for high traffic areas such as ER.

Patient Dash can be customized down to each dashboard, allowing you to choose what is to be shown, how often it is updated, and its privacy level. There is also a dark mode for areas such as Diagnostic Imaging so people can learn about their issues, and can get the right medicines for it, from a sterile compounding pharmacy or other options online.