What You Need

  • A Google Home (Does not need to be on same network as PRTG)
  • Windows, Linux or MacOS device local to google home. (Can be PRTG server or a small device such as raspberry pie)
  • PRTG

Configure the notification server.
The notification server must be on the same network as the Google Home and must be able to access the Internet. The PRTG Server or a small Raspberry Pie will work.

  1. Download and Install Node.js (https://nodejs.org/en/download/)
  2. Once installed run these commands to download and install google-home-notifier.
 $ git clone https://github.com/noelportugal/google-home-notifier
 $ cd google-home-notifier
 $ npm install

3. Edit example.js and change the device name and IP address to the google home.
4. Run the command: node example.js to start the notification listener.

Optional – If PRTG is external to Google Home

  1. Next we need to install and configure ngrok to allow the notifications to be sent to the google-home-notifier from PRTG. First sign up for an account and download ngrok: https://ngrok.com
  2. Once downloaded register and start the application following the steps provided.
  3. Once started ngrok will show you your accessible address. You will need this for sending PRTG alerts to. Note that this changes each time you start the service. For a permanent solution I recommend subscribing to ngrok.

Configuring PRTG

  1. Open PRTG, go to setup and select Notifications.
  2. Create a new notification and select execute HTTP Action
  3. Enter the URL for your server. If PRTG is local to the google home you would put: http://Notification_Server_IP:8091/google-home-notifier
  4. If you are using Ngrok to send messages to the notification server you would use this, replacing the address with your Ngrok address: http://39b9b857.ngrok.io/google-home-notifier
  5. Enter the post data as you would like the notification to be shown.
  6. Attach the notifications to the devices you would like monitored, and you are done!

Credit goes to noelportugal for developing the google-home-notifier.

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